Friday, January 11, 2008

Haddock Cemetery, Gainesboro Arkansas

I just discovered an article printed in the Batesville Daily Guard about a cemetery restoration project that could be used as a model for future projects. It's a great story about how a group of formed a cemetery association and have done everything exactly right so far. Reading the article is like reading a primer on what to do when taking on a project such as this - from writing the history of the cemetery to exploring the possibility of getting prisoner details for clean up crews to researching possible grants to arranging regular maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery by local Boy Scouts and the possibility of reopening this once abandoned cemetery to new burials in the future! It's really great to read about folks like William Coe, Gary Hodge and the others that have come together to form the Haddock Cemetery Association. I wish the the best of luck with the cemetery and support them 100%

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