Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So where is everything?

By now you've no doubt noticed that there is very little in the way of actual content on the new website. The structure is in place and ready to go but thats about it. It's not my intention to just copy what we had with the old Saving Graves website. Most of what is there today is very outdated and many of the links no longer work. So what I'm doing is going through each state one by one and starting over fresh by creating new information centers for them. These information centers are a new version of the old state paged with some things removed and other things added in. They are currently broken up into two separate areas - State Preservation and State Profile. As these areas are created I check each link to make sure that it is still working and at the same time search out new ones that would be of value or interest. It's a time consuming process and with luck I can get through two or three states per day. You can help be submitting information on your states that can be added in. Also if your interested you might want to think about becoming the Saving Graves Advocate Board Member for your state. Information on that can be found on the webiste under the navigation links.

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